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I started thinking about replacing my regulator with a new one and a friend of mine told me I should check the Internet. He said I could save some money. I have no problem saving money and getting a good deal, so I started browsing the net to see what I could find. After working a couple hours on the net looking for that deal I started to realize that the best deal I could get was in my own hometown at the local dive store.

I started thinking of all the money I would have spent if I did not have "the local dive store". The best deal on the net came with a warranty, not backed by the manufacturer, but by the store I had never done business located in another state. I would need to send it back to them for any repair or service, and I would be without my unit for weeks at a time, plus the cost of shipping. I would not be able to look them in the face to ask when I was going to get my item returned.

I also realized that in purchasing over the net, I would be working to put my local store out of business! I was cutting my nose off to spite my face. I would have to drive 50 miles for an air fill, when I had bought many from him over the years for $3 or $4, a service he provides that is actually a loss in his pocket, but one he provides for my convenience. Now my air fill was going to be two hour trip, $l2 worth of gas, plus what I would have pay for the air fill. And what about all the other services and conveniences I need when I am going to go diving?

And then I thought of all he had taught me and all the favors he had done for me over the years. I would never receive one of those from some out-of-state mail order store. One of the things I love most about my sport was dropping by my local shop and talking diving, getting him to teach me new things. He would take me to find those big shark teeth and the civil war relics he had on display at the store. Lastly, the store was a great place to meet other divers.

With all the things the dive store did for me, I realized he could not take care of me the way he did by beating Internet prices. If all he had to do was to put it in the mail, well, anyone could do that, but I wanted more. I found out you cannot be the best for less. What he does not know is he has already beaten the net-prices by saving me all the time, money, convenience, fellowship and more, by just being there for me. The moral of this story is think twice about what the word "savings" means, and think twice about what it means to SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL DIVE STORE! Sometimes we do not know what we have until it is gone.

This article is to thank all the small business local dive stores that continue to hang in there... those that continue to take care of divers like me.... Fill my cylinders at a loss… do me favors and service my equipment. I plan to do all my business at my local store because I like saving money. I like the good deal in my backyard that I did not realize I had. I just hope I can convince my friends to stop spending so much on the Internet and start saving money. Our best deal is to keep our local store owner open and in business

-Written by a person who loves the sport of diving

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